During the early morning hours of March 3rd, storms ripped through Middle Tennessee devastating homes and destroying businesses. Among those affected was Double Springs Utility District in Cookeville, TN. Double Springs sustained severe damage to their office and has been without internet and phone service with no date for restoration of service.  Double Springs Utility District provides water to around 3,000 in the Cookeville area and, in the wake of the devastating storms, has had to work to restore service, address water pressure issues, and work to ensure that all their customers have clean drinking water. Having limited access to communication measures can significantly complicate this process.

Through our partnership with Datto, Inc., we’re excited to be able to assist Double Springs Utility District by providing free internet service via a Cloud-Managed Edge Router and Internet failover device. Fully integrated 4g LTE Internet failover combined with out of the box ready carrier service will deliver always-connected internet service to the utility allowing them to process payments via web and access necessary software and customer data for daily operation.

Double Springs partnership with TPM by United Systems ensures that no data is ever lost in the event of a disaster. Having business continuity plans and procedures in place guarantees that in the middle of chaos, customers can rely on the services they need the most.

We pride ourselves on being there in our customer’s time of need. We seek to be a true partner and ensure that having working technology isn’t a concern. We handle the technology so you can focus on what matters, serving your customers, and keeping your business running.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families and businesses affected by these storms.

Image credit: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images