Ellen Masteller, Office Manager at Brown County Water in Indiana, couldn’t open a file link from a familiar vendor. She thought it was strange, but didn’t find it too worrisome. What she didn’t realize was that TPM by United Systems had just protected her and her colleagues. If the attachment was allowed to open they would have had their credentials stolen, computer infected, or worse.

Ellen wasn’t too concerned about the email, however she did the right thing and contacted the TPM Support Team to see what was going on. “I sent the email over to the team telling them that I needed these documents as they were from a vendor I work with all the time,” said Ellen. The TPM team investigated the email and found that phone number listed was to a local post office. Likewise the sender email was a “spoofed” account, and the link that read “Review Files” would have stolen her credentials had she been able to open it. The TPM process of monitoring the entire system had caught the fraudulent link and blocked its access.

Ellen was shocked, “The email just looked so real! The sender is someone I correspond with all the time. It looked exactly like all the other emails I get from her.”

Not being able to open the “Review Files” link saved Ellen from a potentially major security breach. “I’m just so grateful we have TPM and that United Systems is looking out for us. Not only is the team responsive and reliable, but they are knowledgeable of the technology world and that’s not my forte.”

The Takeaway:

Ellen’s advice: Be cautious when you are opening links or attachments that are unexpected or unusual. “I’m kind of paranoid when it comes to email safety and even this one caught me.” If you want to make sure your utility is being protected even when you have your guard up, contact the TPM Team so we can evaluate your system and make sure you are prepared for the unexpected.