Jeff and Jacob with our Technology Process Management team and Shawn, our development team manager had the privilege of attending the Technology Council of West Kentucky’s Tech Mania event on Thursday, February 28th. This event brings together students from across the area with programming and networking professionals yearly with the goal of educating students on the exciting technology career opportunities that West Kentucky boasts.

As a part of the event, Shawn, Jeff, and Jacob were assigned to assist and mentor a handful of teams made up of middle and high school-aged students. Each team of students completed tasks such as server setup & configuration and web development. These students were awarded points for the completion of each task.

“The teams were highly focused with a couple of all-star students that could impress the most experienced technology professional.” – Shawn Edwards

At the end of the day, Jeff, Shawn, and Jacob had the privilege of witnessing one of their teams receive a top prize for having a near-perfect scoring card!

“It is very exciting to see students engage with technology and to witness them experience how rewarding a career in technology can be.” – Jeff Harlan

Information Technology is a growing field with ever-changing needs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , the number of jobs in the information technology field is expected to grow 13% by 2026 making it one of the fastest growing occupations. As a result of the pace at which this industry is growing, there are skills shortages across many Information Technology roles. Being a part of events like Tech Mania allows our professionals to share the excitement they have about Information Technology and to hopefully inspire future generations to pursue careers in Information Technology.