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“We have been in business since 1982. We’ve been around that long because we’ve always put our customers first. As cars and repairs become more and more digital, we rely heavily on our network to be up and running, if it’s not, our work comes to a standstill. And if we can’t work, we aren’t meeting the expectations of our customers. We chose to implement the Technology Process Management by United Systems service because bottom line we can’t afford to have downtime in our business. The service and team provide us with the safety net we need to feel secure with our system and that we won’t come to a standstill.”

Randy’s Body Shop

“With any wealth management company or tax service, the amount of proprietary and personal information we house in our office and database makes us ideal targets for hackers and ransomware. At Fox & Company, we know that we must protect our clients, as well as their information. We started using the Technology Process Management by United Systems service to make sure our clients’ information remains in our system and not in the hands of criminals. On top of keeping vital information secure, during tax season, we must make sure our systems are running at an optimum capability. We have strict deadlines and we have to always be running.”

Fox & Company Wealth Management

“At Midwest Aviation we specialize in aircraft sales, as well as maintenance. We chose the Technology Process Management by United Systems service because of their ability to ensure we don’t have downtime in our systems. Aircraft sales happen quickly and we are in constant communication with buyers and sellers. If for some reason our system is down, then ultimately, we can’t complete sales and our bottom line is impacted. We needed a process and service in place to make sure our data was secure and our system is always up and running.”

Midwest Aviation


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