What is Dark Web Monitoring? Why do you need it?

If you haven’t heard of the Dark Web, you’ve most likely been living under a rock. With the insurgence of large-scale hacks against corporate and government entities, the news has been flooded with stories about cyberattacks and the threat they pose to corporations...

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Why do we have HIPAA laws?

There are some interesting rumors surrounding the origin of HIPAA laws. Rumor has it that HIPAA laws were created because a senator wanted to cover up his wife’s plastic surgery. Crazy, right?! "My boss is convinced that the reason that HIPAA laws came into existence...

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Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 End of Support

  Windows 7, now more than a decade old, is one of Microsoft’s most loved operating systems to date. Due to its popularity and ease of use, consumers and businesses are still widely using Windows 7. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they will be ending...

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EPA Cybersecurity Exam for Utilities

EPA Cybersecurity Exam for Utilities   Recently, the EPA was mandated with the implementation of cybersecurity best practices for water & wastewater utilities with a focus on small systems. Can your utility pass their 10-question cybersecurity exam? Does your...

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Protecting SaaS Applications

More and more small businesses are transitioning to cloud applications such as Office 365 and G-Suite. These applications are referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS applications are affordable, scalable, and offer businesses easy to use solutions that...

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The Best Computer for Productivity

Desktop or Mobile Computer In today’s ever-changing professional world, we are seeing more and more businesses transition from desktop-based computers to mobile PCs. This is predominately due to the culture and workforce change set in motion by the mass introduction...

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Technology Council of West Kentucky Tech Mania

Jeff and Jacob with our Technology Process Management team and Shawn, our development team manager had the privilege of attending the Technology Council of West Kentucky’s Tech Mania event on Thursday, February 28th. This event brings together students...

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