The Best Computer for Productivity

Desktop or Mobile Computer In today’s ever-changing professional world, we are seeing more and more businesses transition from desktop-based computers to mobile PCs. This is predominately due to the culture and workforce change set in motion by the mass introduction...

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Technology Council of West Kentucky Tech Mania

Jeff and Jacob with our Technology Process Management team and Shawn, our development team manager had the privilege of attending the Technology Council of West Kentucky’s Tech Mania event on Thursday, February 28th. This event brings together students...

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Efficient What does the word efficient mean to you? According to the dictionary it means “(especially of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” So with this in mind is your business or utility efficient? My guess...

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True IT Partner

One of the major challenges in maintaining a computer network is trying to predict what will fail and when. With our TPM Platform, we can prevent many network failures from ever happening. By combining regular and comprehensive preventative maintenance and robust...

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Business Continuity

Data The lifeblood of your business lies in your data and access to that data is vital to the operation of any business. Unfortunately many times companies fail to adequately protect that data. Over 90% of companies will experience downtime at some point in time....

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TPM: Protecting Even When You Don’t Know It

Ellen Masteller, Office Manager at Brown County Water in Indiana, couldn’t open a file link from a familiar vendor. She thought it was strange, but didn’t find it too worrisome. What she didn’t realize was that TPM by United Systems had just protected her and her...

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TPM Blog: Your Goals are Our Goals

What are your business’ top goals? If you sat down with pen and paper right now what would that list look like? I bet if we were to share our lists we would see many similarities. Below are some of ours: Increase productivity Increase functionality Enhance...

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