Most small business owners are spending more resources than necessary on IT solutions. Outsourcing the management of your IT systems can fix that. Managed Service Providers can remotely handle your company’s IT systems. Saving you precious time to focus on your business. Even if your company has an in-house IT team, it can be beneficial to partner with an MSP, offering a team of professionals that can handle any challenges your business may face.

When it comes to Healthcare IT, there have been many changes over the years. MSPs are knowledgeable and up to date on all government regulations, including HIPAA. Regulatory compliance is a huge factor in why companies hire managed service providers. MSPs are considered Business Associates since they monitor and maintain Protected Health Information (PHI). In compliance with HIPAA regulations Covered Entities, any health care providers, health plans, or healthcare clearinghouses who electronically transmit PHI, must have a signed business associate agreement in place with any Business Associate before working together.

Technology Process Management, or TPM, works with HIPAA compliant clients or Covered Entities. TPM will sign a Business Associate Agreement before working with any organization. All of TPMs employees have gone through extensive HIPAA training, and have become HIPAA certified. TPM has the knowledge and resources to ensure that your organization meets HIPAA guidelines.

TPM also offers a program to facilitate in the process of your companies HIPAA compliance. HIPAA can be hard, confusing, and expensive.  The methods we use can help alleviate those burdens to ensure you are meeting all HIPAA regulations.  Through constant network monitoring and protection against intrusion, you can feel assured in knowing your network is secure.  Professionally managed compliancy policies that are specific to your company and the right training process for your employees allows TPM to ensure that you are protected in the case of a breach or audit.

How confident are you that you could pass an audit by The Office of Civil Rights (OCR)?

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