The lifeblood of your business lies in your data and access to that data is vital to the operation of any business. Unfortunately many times companies fail to adequately protect that data. Over 90% of companies will experience downtime at some point in time. Downtime can cost your company so much more than productivity. This year at our companies annual Users’ Meeting, we had the privilege of having IT Professionals from Datto, a leader in IT solutions, give our keynote speech. They delivered a powerful presentation centered on the idea of Business Continuity or a businesses ability to recover from IT failure in a timely manner with all their data securely protected.


Many times business owners fail to prepare for the many instances in which their data would be compromised. With the increase in ransomware attacks it is vital to point out that natural disasters only account for approximately 7% of IT failures and many companies aren’t prepared to bounce back. In addition, statistics show the average amount of downtime that a company will experience from an IT failure is around 18.5 hours. What would 18.5 hours of un-operational time do to your business?

The numbers can be astounding with one hour of downtime costing small businesses $8,000 or more. Datto and TPM by United Systems offers end to end solutions to protect your data so that in the event of a “disaster” your company can bounce back in mere minutes. In other words with continual backups and our Business Continuity solution, you can have your business up and running with no data loss through a fast, simple, and easy process.

The Solution

In conclusion, through our partnership with Datto we have the ability to offer your company peace of mind. Peace of mind that your technology and systems are fully operational and your data is safe, protected, and readily available. We want to ensure that your company doesn’t fall victim to a failure to plan. Take a few minutes to listen to what Datto has to offer and how TPM by United Systems can work with you to help you meet your business goals. Links to the Datto website and Datto disaster demo presentation are below. Spoiler Alert, they smash a computer with a sledgehammer!