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Technology Process Management is your trusted local 2FA/MFA solutions provider in the Nashville, TN area. Implementing two-factor and multi-factor authentications solutions can be a challenge.  Let our consultants help you with a smooth transition toward getting your password-protected accounts to a much greater level of security. Contact us today.

2FA / MFA solutions and consulting services

Recent massive data breaches like the ones that affected all three billion Yahoo accounts over several years have been a hot-button issue. But it’s not just mega-corporations that have been compromised – in 2019 alone, there were over four billion reported data breaches. 

Around a third of these are internal, instigated by an employee acting too carelessly with sensitive login information. To shore up their cybersecurity infrastructures, more and more businesses are turning to two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

What are 2FA and MFA, exactly?

With a 2FA system, users are required to input two methods of identity verification (like a password and an SMS code) to access essential systems or information. 

In an MFA system, users have to use more than two identifying verifications (like a password, thumbprint, SMS code and email code). 

Is 2FA or MFA better for businesses?


Both 2FA and MFA have advantages and disadvantages.

Both are improvements over single-factor authentication (SFA) in almost every circumstance.

2FA is easier to use than MFA but is also less secure. On the other hand, MFA is hyper-secure but may frustrate users who have to juggle methods of authentication constantly or reenter multiple codes and passwords throughout the day.


Most businesses should use 2FA at a minimum, but MFA is highly recommended for sensitive information that may be a target for cybercriminals. 

How can Technology Process Management help you set up 2FA and MFA?

Setting up 2FA and MFA can be challenging. Businesses that choose to do so must also introduce various methods of authentication for every employee and make sure every employee can access systems using those methods smoothly. 

Technology Process Management’s consultants can help your business ensure a smooth transition during this process. To learn more about how you can use 2FA and MFA to improve your company’s security, contact us today.

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