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Glasgow, Kentucky

Network Security Consulting & Auditing Services Protect Your Business

Glasgow, KY

If your business is like most small- to medium-sized organizations, you most likely understand the importance of cybersecurity. However, many businesses lack the in-house staff and expertise to effectively protect their network and systems.

After all, cybercriminals spend all of their time looking for vulnerabilities in networks and software while businesses are preoccupied with their other responsibilities and day-to-day operations. As a result, new threats often emerge – many times unknown – leaving business owners open to interruption and data theft.

Network security consulting and auditing services can provide immediate access to the latest information on threats and the strongest cybersecurity practices. Experts can analyze your threat exposure and implement protections to ensure that you can minimize weaknesses and deter cyberattacks.

Technology Process Management is the preferred provider of network security consulting and auditing services for companies in Glasgow, KY. Our network engineers and expert security consultants will help you develop sound cybersecurity policies to protect your data, employees and customers.

Education builds stronger users 

Beyond creating protections and policies, network security consultants at Technology Process Management can help provide training to users and employees. Human error can be a significant factor in cybersecurity weakness. In fact, when employees fail to follow security policies, it allows more opportunities for threats to penetrate your business.

User education on matters such as ensuring proper password hygiene, identifying phishing email scams and avoiding malware risks is highly effective in turning your weakest links into your strongest fortifications. Through policy enforcement and education, your employees can become a human firewall.

However, once you establish your security policy and protective measures, remember that your cybersecurity efforts are not complete. Frequent testing and auditing are essential for continued protection. Fortunately, a network security consultant can perform periodic audits to ensure compliance and alert you of emerging threats.

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